Can't download any mods

Good day to everyone. I’ve met with strange problem. I can’t download any mods. Official, not official, doesnt matter. Every time I try to do this - it starts to download and later become cancelled. So, it’s a really big problem for me. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks

I’m pretty sure the devs are tracking this, because there have been numerous bug reports about it.

That’s correct! This is already being tracked.

Is there any info about it? Still can’t download((. Infinite loading of mods…

usually fixes come a bit later, hope by next patch. but if the priority is on the lower end it wont get a fix until several months later, we won’t know but the May patch is coming soon (in a week or 2 hopefully).

on the otherhand, how big are the mods you’re downloading? also do you have a network meter of some kind to see the download speed? (not your internet speed, but the speed you are downloading at from the mod server)