Can't edit colors (Accessibility Options)

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  • GAME BUILD #: 160787
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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I was able to edit colors a few weeks ago, but it’s no longer possible. I can’t click on any of those buttons or sliders. Are others facing this issue?

I have no mods and have never had one.

I can click on the ENABLE FRIEND/FOE OUTLINES button. It’s just the COLORS subpanel that is affected. I can click on and interact with everything in the VISIBILITY subpanel and below it.

I have verified integrity of game files with Steam, but I still have this issue. I still have it after the new update that came out today (or maybe it was yesterday, but it’s very new).

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open Options.
  2. Click on Accessibility.
  3. You will see the panel I reported about above.

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I think I should’ve been able to click on the sliders or buttons and edit the colors.

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Already did in the bug report. But, I will repeat the image here:

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It is not a problem I encounter through an active game. I’m simply unable to edit my colors. Not in singleplayer nor in online multiplayer. I don’t mind sending my entire game directory if I could.

Did you click on a colour to select it before trying to edit it?

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Yes, I tried. Buttons are not clickable. Same for the sliders. It’s really as I described above.

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Hi @PrimaryN00b,

Some options can only be changed from Main Menu\Options and not while in a match/scenario or spectating a game.

Radio buttons display as gold when they can be interacted with. I can see from the screenshot that they are grey, which is how they would appear if you are viewing them from within a match.

Are you able to edit the colours following these steps?

  1. Go to Main Menu
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Accessibilty
  4. Select P1-P5 or T1-T4 buttons

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yes. Thanks. This is the solution. It worked.


Sometimes its funny that people dont think about trying stuff like this …

Before you continue gloating, it is broken in multiplayer. I never interact with any other part of the game other than multiplayer. The Accessibility Options don’t work once you click into Multiplayer.

Hi again @PrimaryN00b,

Similarly to changing Language and HUD Layout in the UI Options, changing the colors is not possible in the Multiplayer Menus or in a match. This is intended behaviour and not broken. Though because of this ticket we will be adding a tooltip to state the options cannot be changed in-game, and must instead be changed via the Main Menu > Options.

This tooltip already exists on other items that cannot be edited in-game, but was missing for Team & Player Colors within the Accessibility Options. Look forward to this in an upcoming patch/update! :slight_smile:



He means, even as soon as you click on " Multiplayer " and reach the options from there, its not possible. Its not even in-game.


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Thanks @DrMaxy4142, I’ve updated my comment to be more specific. It is still intended that some options can only be changed from the Main Menu and not in Multiplayer Menus or inside matches and other scenarios.

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nice banner, Breadalus :slight_smile:


This! Since two updates ago the custom colors I use don’t work anymore in any match (single or multiplayer) even though they are showing in the options menu.

I tried to switch around some colors but nothing seems to make them work again as before.