Can't Exit Clan

Tengo el mismo problema que MyujiK.
I have the same problem as MyujiK.

Mismo Problema. Hay que reiniciar el juego? que pereza que da este error.

The same problem. Should we restart the game? that laziness that gives this error.

How is this still a bug two years later? Can this be done via data fix manually at least?

what drugs are developers on?? cant fix a simple thing in 2 years? have they given up on this game or is microsoft not paying enough? such a shame

Hi guys,

Do not worry, this issue is still tracked. Thanks for popping up this issue :smiley:

This is the exact issue I am experiencing. After reading the thread, is this really a 2-year issue? Holy he77.

Providing a datapoint here: leave clan still freezes but it went thru after 5 mins of waiting.

Thanks for the reply. Will give a try.
Leave clan. Go watch an Age YouTube video.

Can confirm this works.
Hats off to @MonkieK

this is curse of clan. once you join you cant leave. it bounds on you. you need to find a good voodoo scripter to save you from this situation.

  • Build: 58850
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10

Yo tenía el mismo error, pero en mi caso tuve que esperar casi 10 minutos para salir del clan

I had the same error, but in my case I had to wait almost 10 minutes to leave the clan

2 years later, same problem persists, can’t leave clan, 8 minutes in now.

Sigo com o mesmo problema, inacreditavel

Same problem. Please fix it.

It’s like Hotel California, you can checkout at any time you like but you can never leave :cowboy_hat_face:

It’s been a month ! Just fix it already !