Can't find a Scenario & Played it 1 day ago 3 times in a row.... WTF?

Hello Guys!!
I’m using STEAM to play AOE II:DE Last version on win10.

Yesterday I played a map called “Militia Defense v105.aoe2scenario”, of course, when I entered that lobby, I had to download the map + datamod.

Howewer, after looking around my folders, I couldn’t find that scenario at my PC. I could find the datamod (but is only related to tech, to improve it by x9).

How Can I find this map?
I tried to find it at Google without sucess. Futhermore, I re-looked all my folders related to AOE II: DE and still can’t find nothing about this map.
So, how it’s possible I could play this map 2-3 times yesterday and now there isn’t map downloaded at my PC if i didnt nothing?

The only evidence I have is the recorded game that host made previously, and thats how i could get the map’s name.

Any help please?

AppData\Local\Temp\resources\ _common\scenario

You have to copy it out of there before you close the game because it gets deleted otherwise