Can't find my beta key

idk if i have beta key, checking my mail in “trash” mails i found get a code for Enhanced Graphics Pack DLC for the Age II: DE Beta on Steam!

so i want to know if i get accepted to be beta tester for AOE2: DE ?

I have the same problem. There are 5 mails about Age II DE found in my Hotmail trash folder. Mails from AoE test are always sent to trash box since Age DE. Now I don’t know if I get accepted to the beta. I can only see the DLC key in my trash folder.

@Jorgeman90 @fangsunjianRed Hi guys, if you have the Enhanced Graphics Pack DLC email but not your beta key email, send an email to the community team at In order to prevent insider communications from being sent to your junk folder, add and to your safe sender list.


thanks by tip, they respond me and now im beta tester :smiley:

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Thank you very much. I received mail from Insider Support and now I’m tester.

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