Can't identify which AI built wonder

I play mostly team-based games against “hardest” AI players and one of the most infuriating parts of the game today is identifying which AI has built a wonder. We get a single notification when the wonder is built showing the AI color to target and see it pop up on the minimap, but the AI playing like it does, usually several of the AIs get a wonder at similar times.

In the objectives list in the top, you see that you have a countdown to attack “AI Hardest wonder”, but when you have two or more of them, there’s absolutely no hint about whose wonder one needs to target.

I can identify which player has captured each sacred site by the color displayed, but when there are two AI wonders on the field, short of having noticed which came first, there’s no way to tell definitively which one needs to be targeted down.

If I were playing against players, this wouldn’t be an issue as the message would read " wonder", but I’m not. I’m playing against multiple AI Hardest which then all share the same name.

Please consider adding either:

  1. a colored square next to the “AI Hardest wonder” indicating the player color to target, or
  2. text indicating the player color (e.g. “AI Hardest (teal) wonder”)

Either notation would aid in discerning which AI wonder needs to be prioritized to destroy.

Thank you.


That is definitely not ideal. I’ll make sure the team sees this. Thank you for the feedback!

Can the AI get personalities? Like the English AI could be William the conqueror or something… Delhi could get Alauddin Khilji… etc.

We can use their names to distinguish between them.

This is how it happens in AoE2/3.


While variation in the AI scripts themselves would be appreciated (they all tend to attack and build a wonder at the same time), that is outside the scope of this ask.

In the context of this ticket, I’d be more than happy to simply be able to distinguish the AI players (by a colored box or even just the textual equivalent of their color) so I might better prioritize attacking the wonder of the one closest to expiry.

And have 3-4 for each Civ to avoid to William the Conquerors with wonders :smiley: