Can't install game anymore

I’ve had this game installed on and off since launch, and now I’m wanting to install it again, but every time I try the store encounters an error.
I’ve logged on and off, reset the store app - I don’t know what to do at this point.
The error message is 0x80004003
I’ve looked around online and it doesn’t seem I’m alone with having this issue, but I’ve had no success in resolving the issue. I know devs have basicly jumped ship on the game, but surely there is SOME way to install and play it?
Any and all help would be GREATLY apreciated!

Hi @VainWarlord, Have you tried an in-place upgrade yet?

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Or before an in-place upgrade your could try wsreset command or create a new user account.

How do I do an in-place upgrade?

@PCS70 Make a new user account? Wouldn’t I need to purchase the game again?
wsreset didn’t work.

You can perform an in-place upgrade which keeps all your files and apps installed by creating Windows 10 installation media using a 8GB capacity USB flash drive and the media creation tool.

Go to Settings > Accounts > Family & other users and then create a new Windows user account (profile). When you sign into the new user account you will sign into the Microsoft Store app and the Xbox app using the same Microsoft Account you used to purchase the game.