Can't install mods anymore


Since the last update, I can’t install any mod.

When I download a new mod, the mod folder is created in the game files correctly, I can see the mod on the website in the “subscribed mods” tab, but I can’t see it in the same tab in game and the mod obviously doesn’t work.

Until now the mods I had installed during previous patches worked fine, but now I unsubscribed from them while trying to solve my issue so I can’t reinstall them.

I tried to :

  • uninstall the game
  • install mods in game / through the website
  • signing in to xbow live in game / signing-out of xbox live in game

Playing on steam with all DLCs.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi there! I have the same problem and I wrote an e-mail to AoE support. Here the reply:
“Thank you for your message and for your report. Currently this is a known issue, and our Team is working on a fix. Please keep checking frequently for updates.”
I asked them also how long it was going to take and they wrote me back:
“As you know we are constantly releasing updates. I don’t think that it will take much longer, currently our Team is working on it.”
This exchange is dated May 5th. I hope they are releasing a fix in the next days.



Yes this is already being tracked, thanks ^^

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Any news about this ? @IkoKnight8151

Anything I can do do get it fixed temporarily while waiting for the hotfix ?