Can't install mods anymore


Since the last update, I can’t install any mod.

When I download a new mod, the mod folder is created in the game files correctly, I can see the mod on the website in the “subscribed mods” tab, but I can’t see it in the same tab in game and the mod obviously doesn’t work.

Until now the mods I had installed during previous patches worked fine, but now I unsubscribed from them while trying to solve my issue so I can’t reinstall them.

I tried to :

  • uninstall the game
  • install mods in game / through the website
  • signing in to xbow live in game / signing-out of xbox live in game

Playing on steam with all DLCs.

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi there! I have the same problem and I wrote an e-mail to AoE support. Here the reply:
“Thank you for your message and for your report. Currently this is a known issue, and our Team is working on a fix. Please keep checking frequently for updates.”
I asked them also how long it was going to take and they wrote me back:
“As you know we are constantly releasing updates. I don’t think that it will take much longer, currently our Team is working on it.”
This exchange is dated May 5th. I hope they are releasing a fix in the next days.



Yes this is already being tracked, thanks ^^

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Any news about this ? @IkoKnight8151

Anything I can do do get it fixed temporarily while waiting for the hotfix ?

This bug still isn’t fixed with the latest patch, this is extremely annoying. Game basically unplayable for 20+ days.

I copied the mods folders from the subscribed and pasted then into the local folder. It works. You are still unable to download any new mods, but you can have your old ones back. For new mods, I guess you could just ask someone to send you the folders and you put them in local. But this is just a guess. I haven’t tried it. Hope it helps!

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Does this happen with all mods or some that have special characters, like Chinese?


Hi @IkoKnight8151 !
All mods, it creates an empty folder if It try to subscribe a mod in game but I found this solution, friends can just send me the mods folders and I install them in local, it works.

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Thanks, I’ll try this.

@IkoKnight8151 same issue for me, can’t download any mod at all, creates an empty folder.

Exactly the same problem here, but some older mods that haven’t been updated after DLC release work fine.

Unlucky I do not know anyone that could send me the files :frowning:

This issue is present if your Windows account has special characters (á, or chinese for example). I recommend you to create an account without those characters for now.

We are still investigating this issue


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Hi @IkoKnight8151

Thank you for your answer. I removed the special character from my windows user profile, but the problem still remains.

Now the access path looks like this:


In game, mods appear as if they were loading forever:

Also if I try to download a new mod, it won’t appear in “installed mods” until the next time I load the game.

And I have an empty folder for each of them:


Edit: Creating a new windows profile (instead of just renaming mine) worked, but it’s obviously not ideal

Nice I am happy to see that you can play now!

It is not ideal indeed, we are still tracking this issue

Hi there. I’m reporting the same bug. I can’t download new mods. If anybody knows how to resolve this issue please help me

I have to play two tournaments (RMS and Nomad’s Warriors) this weekend and I can’t download the maps…

Thanks in advance

they say if your windows account have special characters then it will have the download forever thing. workaround is to create a new account only has english characters in them and run AOE2 off of that account.

I report the same issue, the mods are loading forever and I am unable to install new mods. It is certainly not ideal to be forced to create a new windows account.

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Hello I hope we can agree that it is not ideal to play the game on a different windows account, imagine you want to install a program and you would have to create a new windows account :smiley: or do you think it is a feature and not a bug? :smiley:


its a bug thats tracked. we can only hope that AUG PUP fixes this so when they release that patch in few days or weeks, it will be addressed.

if not, another months or so to go