Cant link Steam account

Hello there,

i’ve completed the whole survey but got one problem: I can’t link my Steam account.

I’ve searched for the solution in the Forums and FAQs but didnt find it.
The FAQs say there must be a button to link the Steam account on your profile page but there’s nothing.

Here is how it looks like on my screen:


Hopefully someone can solve my issue.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Player836660946, From your profile it doesn’t appear as though your registration was processed. Click the “Insider Signup” button below your profile avatar to complete insider registration again.

Hi @RadiatingBlade, thanks for the quick answer.
When I click the Insider Signup button, this appears:

I guess my registration was processed, indeed. Yet, I havent got an opportunity to link my Steam account …

I would suggest clearing your internet browser cache and cookies or opening a private browser tab and logging into your profile again.

I did.
Then I revisited the page and loggged in again. Somehow I had to do the survey again and finally solved my problem.

Two things to mention:

  1. in the first place I set my @live-email-address (that i barely use) as preferred email-address. The second time I did the survey I set the one I really use and thus had a chance to verify the address.
  2. near the end of this procedure I immediately linked my Steam account, which I recommend to everyone instead of doing it later on

So, now everyting should be alright. Thanks!

when I try to link my steam account through the account details page I get redirected to a 404 not found page.