Can't log into ESO, because of dead e-mail adress


So, I tried logging into ESO and after 10 years of not playing AoE III I had forgotten my account name, as well as password and safety answer (the question of my 14 y.o. self was “who do I love?” lol).
so i tried sending a recovery link to my mail adress, but it turned out to be an old one, I haven’t used for years and years. I tried recovering the adress, but it tells me (after successfully sending the link to a different adress) that the adress is invalid.

Is there any way to get a new password?

thanks ahead!


Well, sorry, seeing as you’ve lost all credentials, I don’t think there’s anything you can do.


I haven’t lost all. I know my user name. is that of any use?


I don’t think you can do anything now since you don’t even have the access to the email associated with your ESO account.
You can get the complete collection of the game on Steam, it’s cheap on sales (-75%), you can also find -65% coupons so that you don’t have to wait for the next sale (which only starts in November).


I have the username and I know the question and answer

I just do not remember the mail to recover the password; also have the product key How can I know the email I use?

If you speak Spanish, let’s talk like that jaja


You can try contacting support (


thought the support was dead?


Well, never hurts to try :wink:


@ESOCNiceKING that email address has been deleted.


I can give you a new eso account for free man ! Just send me a PM, telling me the nickname you want to choose and I’ll make a random pass, then you log in and change it! Gogogogo


does anyone think this offer is trustworthy?
also I don’t know how to write you a pm, no option on your profile


I have the same problem😭


Send me a PM on

I am DarkNite_OP


there is noone by that name in the community, just tried it.


try message me, though. I am Bongnatter on esoc