Can't login into my account (XBox Microsoft)?


Nothing to do with the game per se, but I didn’t find somewhere else to post it.

When I hit button “Sign In” in, the page refreshes, but nothing else. It won’t let me in, except to the Forum.

Any ideas?

If you are in the forum, and you can post as InphaseAutumn3, you are logged in. How else do you want to log in???

I can’t see mods or anything like that. I can only see the Forum content, but nothing in the main page.

Same issue here, let’s me login onto the forum but not my insider page on the main homepage
Funny thing is it lets me login onto the forum on my one phone but not on my computers at home

Facing the same problem, unable to login with xbox account (gives xbla error) to view mods in Mods All – Age of Empires page

Able to login via steam account but it doesn’t allow opening mod pages.

@DodoNotDoDo please check what’s the reason for this problem.

Try again now. I had to restart a service.


Yes now its working! :slight_smile:

Yeap, it worked. Thanks a lot.