Cant Login to see my profile

I can only login on Foruns.
On the page to see my profle it always does this


Tried diferent browsers, clear cookies, logout login. Nothing works.
Is this normal?


I’m having the same problem, and tried the same troubleshooting steps.

Same here!
Need to get into this beta!

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Hey @DodoNotDoDo, Would you please look into this issue?

Should be fixed. I just pushed a change that will hopefully keep this from reoccurring like it has been.


Thanks @DodoNotDoDo! I was able to login to my insider profile just now.

Thanks @DodoNotDoDo .

I got an email that said I didn’t get a beta invite because I uploaded a dxdiag.txt instead of .xml. I just fixed it when I logged in. Does this mean I missed my shot?

I see your update and your specs look like they fall in our range. We haven’t selected the next round yet so you’re in the running!

@DodoNotDoDo Nice! Thanks for the update!

Ok. fixed. many thanks.
Can close topic.


@DodoNotDoDo, this same error just occured to me today when I was trying to sign into my insiders profile. /?autherror=xbla_invalid

Also having the same issue, I have recently installed windows 10 and wanted to update my Dxdiag.xml but now I cant login and the cut off is tomorrow.

I have cleared my cookies and tried doing this incognito and still not allowing me to login, any advice?


This is the same exact problem I’m having, need to update my Dxdiag.xml before tomorrow!!!

You should be able to get in again now. I’m investigating why it keeps dying.


@DodoNotDoDo yes its working again, thank you :slight_smile:

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