Can't open multiplayer

On Xbox gamepass on pc. I get a notification saying “account settings restrict you from certain features of the game” and a window also pops ups saying “we are unable to sync your data with the cloud”.

I can play singleplayer fine. Multiplayer shield is greyed out can’t click it.

I have already tried going in to microsoft/xbox accound and relaxing all privacy settings and having the xbox app open while playing. None of this fixes it. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks!

Did you also check apps privacy settings section in Windows settings?

Thanks for that suggestion. I’ll check that out next time I’m on pc

You’ll find it at Windows settings -> privacy below section accounts. Allow apps to access my account details on this pc.

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Hi. I have exactly the same issue.
I’ve checked all the mentioned points.
Nothing works. Another idea ?

Hi I have this issue too. As you already know lol

I haven’t had a chance to go on my pc and try these ideas yet but my friend suggested right click Xbox app and launch as administrator. If You’re not using that app do it with AOE2. Try both. Let me know if it works

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I’m actually not sure yet if this version depends on it but could you both check if you have DirectPlay enabled. Also the Xbox Companion-console and Game Bar should be installed from MS store.

What a shame ! I have 2 XBOX and 2 PC.
AOE is not available on console. So I first bought the game pass for PC. But unlike to the xbox console, the lan game with my son was impossible. He could not install the game on his PC.
I finally bought the game on my account. It was an error !
Then I offered the game on my son’s account.
My game launch didn’t work anymore. I had to desinstall it and download it again :frowning: with my poor connection.
And now I’ve succeded in installing the game on the both sides but my son can’t join a multiplayer party. The error message is explicite but i can’t found a solution anywhere.
I bought this game twice to play with my son an I always can’t.
Could I have a real support by the aoe team ?
Help me please or refund me !

I can’t refund you so I will try to help you.

Which explicit message does your son get?

I can confirm that for myself launching the Xbox programme as administrator fixed the issue!

Mine is functional but my son has the message :
User Privilege Error!
Sorry, your account settings restrict you from certain features of the game.
Please check your account settings on for more information.

Multiplayer shield is greyed out. I can’t click it.

Launching as administrator doesn’t change anything in my case.

Did he run the benchmark test too?

Also I would check parental settings for his MS account or are there no restrictions set?
It depends on if your son’s account is part of family settings at your MS account.

I’ve looked everywhere. I don’t see any restriction. He’s 16 with any limitation.
On Xbox console, it’s very simple. One xbox live subscription for my family and one game bought and all members can play with 2 Xboxes in the same game. Why is so complicated on PCs. I bought the game twice and can’t play a simple lan party.
What is the link between benchmark and account restriction ?
What is the link between benchmark and multiplayer game ?
Why he can play single player games and he couldn’t play multiplayer games ?
I need precises informations. Please tell me what’s wrong with his microsoft or xbox account ?

Gotcha. I finally found the problem.
The restriction was not in the MS account but in the Xbox profile : not easy to find.
Privacy Settings / Privacy + Online security for Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Hello I have almost same problembut couldn’t fix it " Lan and Multiplayer comes to Passive , you can’t click , any idea ?