Cant play 3v3, 4v4 treaties properly, poor optimisation?

My setup is GTX1050TI, 8 Gb ram, i5 4460. so it should handle this game right? But even on lowest possible graphics i just crash out on treaty games with large unit packs, even before i see whole enemies army. I play Japan mainly and Budda wonder is taboo for me, cuz even on 2v2 matches it lags like hell whe i use reveal map ability or spies (so i never ever will use it in 3v3, 4v4). Sometimes game freezes and lags a little at 1v1 matches too, but its not critical. So, at this point 3v3,4v4 matches are closed for me, i hope this will get some tweaks in future, you know, after 40 mins of treaty getting crashed in like 2 mins is the most painfull thing :slight_smile: .

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Try restarting your game after every match. I know its annoying but it tends to keep the game relatively smooth for me. The FPS still sucks, only the devs can do anything about that, but it seems to keep those stutters and hangs at a minimal.

Not really, no. 8GB RAM is the absolute minimum system requirement to run the game, and you will only be able to finish short matches with that, definitely not Treaty games with lots of units.

Maybe it is a key but, after your comment i downloaded this game on my friends computer, he has the same setup but with 16ram, the result was almost just as same as mine, got like minor 3-7 fps in treaties and been able too see some more unit packs but still got crashed. Only in short matches game felt
pretty smooth but again, on lowest graphics . On my setup i play games like RDR2 on medicore setting and get 50-60 fps (40 in critical situatians) and never crash out. And i didnt know that minimal 8ram requirement means that i can play only short matches… Even tho my other pc components surpass the minimal requirements.

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