Can't play single skirmish anymore

ok, I’m starting to get a little annoyed. I’ve been playing AOE3 for over a year, and two days ago, without changing anything, I can’t play an active single skirmish.
When I start a skirmish game, it gives me a whole page of error’s. I’ve corresponded with Microsoft and they gave me a long list, also know as a shotgun approach, as to what it can be.
I made sure I was up to date with all my updates, but to no avail.
Microsoft also suggested that I uninstall the game and reinstall it. My question is, if I do this, will I still have all of my achievements when I reinstall the game?

This is on DE, right? First thing I’d do is disable all mods and restart the game.


I removed what few mods I had downloaded. Never played any of them anyway. That appears to have corrected the problem. Many thanks.

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