Can't play with my friend

Game Version: Age of empires 2 definitive edition

  • Build (32911)
  • Platform steam


I can’t play with my friend, I don’t receive his invites and he can’t join (me on steam and he on ms store)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. invite someone in lobby with crossplay and see if it works

@CatalyticFour94 There is currently a seperation between steam and microsoft as steam recieved an update for serious problems which microsoft store has yet to receive

uh thanks, that’s also why my firend has a couple of glitches I haven’t in my game, anyway they should make a notice to let people know when there is a separation

They did thats literally that notice i posted its in that message the tweeted it, posted it on the official discord, and here on site, only place they didnt which they should have was ingame

Surprised this issues sat all weekend.


I meant there in fact