Can't players choose their own color in normal battle mode?

The default blue makes me aesthetic tired, and I don’t want to be randomly assigned various colors. Why can’t I choose my own color like AOE in the past?


I agree, the colors are annoying to play with over and over.

Blue is a very generic for the ‘good guys’ while red is for the ‘bad guys’. There is an option for individual player colors (or at least in the stress test) but from what I’m aware you couldn’t pick the colors. It’s not the worst issue the game has but it definitely deserves some feedback on. I’d imagine the traditional blue vs red will get worse the next 100 games we play.

As someone who is colorblind, it’s even worse. The colors look like several different shades in one, but I can’t really describe it to the folk with normal eye filters. I’m sure there’ll be a color blind option though.

…or at least I hope


I agree, it was something i was seriously hoping they would have added for release. It’s such a basic feature in almost every RTS game. I do not want to play in blue every single match i host.


I agree. I’m surprised that they didn’t change this before the launch.


I do think it’s very strange that you cannot change your player color. Hopefully people don’t have to resort to modding to make that happen.


Isnt it universally agreed law that you have to pick red when you are English and blue when you are French?

Blue English is cursed, feels like you’re playing the Tory party.


Yep, it feels wrong to play England in blue and fight France in red!


It’s because they didn’t design the game from the ground up with the option to choose color, they just haven’t thought about that. So now that they realized such option should be there, they have to redesign a whole bunch of things, like UI where you pick your civ which would need more space, etc.
That’s the only explanation I can find.

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Now that you mention it Relic’s other big series Company of Heroes does not have any colour picker, you are always blue, allies are yellow and enemies red. It is possible it never occured to them to add it to AOE4 but I think team colour has a lot more importance in AOE.

One of the fun details of the AOE2 campaigns is how you were different colours for the different campaigns. I loved how in the Burgundian campaign you are purple just as the enemy Burgundians in the Franks campaign were, completly needless but that continuity is just nice.


Yeah that’s what I thought. Wonder if that’s why we don’t have them. I think they should add it though.

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They don’t care. About having such functionality or player feedback about this element. It was often mentioned during closed tests, it’s an extremely simple and straightforward feature, present in the genre since… forever. I haven’t seen a single post praising its removal. Things like zoom had, very little but still, some support in way they were implemented. Not having color customizer but even simple color selection - nobody was praising it.

They just don’t care.


The most simplistic thing is not in the game… :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


No reply from devs about it either on twitter, streams ,forums or youtube.

Such a strange and obvious option to leave out. I’d love to know their reasoning.

…while Dawn of War 1 and 2 (also Relic) allowed to customize and create whole color palettes.

Things are for sure possible, as long as someone actually gives a f***.


The static color choice of aoe4 is revolutinary.

No more people stealing other players collor or that a players select a color that allows him to blend behind the game texture.

The team did a great job into it.

No, its lazy and a step back to leave such a basic feature out.


did you forget about the bell function in tc?

They actually replaced that though with something way better, a seek shelter key on villagers. You can select as many vills as you want and hit it and they’ll find the nearest shelter. You don’t have to do them individually which has always been the best way, and you don’t automatically idle your entire economy like the bell did.

Hey devs, i know you read these forums… I want to change my colour. In the words of Picard, make it so.