Can't properly control my units when I start a new game

Since the release and even after the last (the first) patch I can experience this annoying issue:

1 Start a skirmish/campaing game
2 Left click on a villager/explorer/Hero
3 Right click to move the unit
4 Great latency/lack of control of the units. I also noticed that Exit command for pausing doesn’t work.
5 The bug disappear after 3-4 minutes of play or after the reboot of the game.

Not a minor issue, I guess.

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Dito… but had it just once. And prepatched.

Hey @gabryidle! Is there some common thread to when this happens vs when it doesn’t? For instance, is it always the first game of the day? The second? After visiting a particular menu? Only with a particular civ? Etc.

Thanks for the question. Till now, I really can’t verify a specific pattern or a relation depending on the order of the game, because sometimes it occurs at the very first game of the day, sometimes not. It seems to affect all the civilizations and seems that there is a strong correlation after visiting the masteries menu.

We are definitely aware of an issue with the Masteries menu. I haven’t seen many reports of it having an effect on gameplay, though. It is possible that most people are opting to restart Age before they get that far once they notice the sluggishness.

I’ll give you more details on the occurrance of this drop of performance and try to find out more correlations to replicate the bug. Cheers!

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Some other details. The bug occurred again in the campaign mode, in the second to last scenario (Normandy - Hundred Years war). I played normally till this one.
I also noticed that when I select a unit or a building and then I select another unit or building, both are selected!

What is your PC setup?

AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor
16 GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660

Not the best, nor the worst.

I haven’t experienced the amount of latency you’ve described but when any new match loads (and I can see my starting villagers, scout, TC, etc) for me I have to wait 1-2 seconds before I can queue villagers in the TC or move my villagers to gather resources. It’s almost like the game is still loading or there is a couple seconds delay for everyone after the game loads visually before any imputs are accepted.