Cant research any upgrade at blacksmith when starting in dark age

Game Version:

  • Build (latest as of this week)
  • Platform (Steam )


When starting in dark age and advancing to feudal age. Only Fletching and Padded Archer Armor are available to research. The rest of the Feudal age techs are not showing up.
Advancing further to Castle or Imperial Age doesnt help and neither do any other techs show up when advancing.

Setting the starting age to Feudal Age does seem to fix it thou, but I want the setting to be starting from the Dark Age

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start Editor
  2. Test

Found the issue myself,

Appareantly one of the triggers which buffed the enemy AI by letting it research Forging / Blast Furnace / Fletching etc was causing some sort of disabling of my techs and other players.

Deleting these effect but re-adding them (thus meaning completely setting up the effect) did fix this issue

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