Can't see Mulitplayer Lobbys nor access freinds globby

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.34793.0 4597979)
  • Platform (Steam)


I cannot see any games in the multiplayer lobby browser, but the connection to the servers on the right is displayed. I can’t start a lobby, the loading circle keeps spinning and i can’t click “host lobby”. I can’t also join a friend via invatation, nor can I even see in steam that he is in a lobby, so I can’t join by myself either.
Pictures are added so can see what I see.
I was not banned, or if I was not notified, I never played ranked just always with friends. I don’t even know if there is something as being banned.

What’s interesting is that I can play normal with a friends account on my PC, so this is not related to my Hardware ore something, it has to be somsthing with my account.

Reproduction Steps:

It works perfectly fine with a freinds account on my PC, so this has to be something with my account. Crossplay is enabled, I reinstalled the game to see if this helps but it doesn’t.


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Hi there! I can see that this was posted a bit ago so I wanted to follow up and make sure that you have been able to see lobbies again. Several other players have run into this also and we were able to fix it by signing out of Xbox Live and then back in.

I hope this helps!

I had the same issue and simply signing out of xbox live was enough for me. No need to restart or sign back in <3