Cant Select Enhanced Graphics

Anyone else? option is greyed and i have the DLC checked on steam

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same here

Also, my frame rate seems locked at 60

mine started working. Turns out you have to wait for it to download on steam. It says installed prematurely

How long did you have to wait for?

Enhanced graphics will add about 60gb extra. You need to wait for download to be complete or try to install game again with option checked if that does not work out.

  1. Ensure the dlc is checked off in steam
  2. Try restarting steam
  3. Reverify game data

I had serveral downloads after I installed both AoEIIDE and EG DLC. At first the game wouldn’t start, I just had to wait.
So be patient :wink:

BTW, when I presed F11 I got time and FPS, with everything maxed out, graphics, I get 17 FPS zoomed out and 30 zoomed in, I have Ryzen 7 1700 and Vega RX 64, 16GB RAM and the installed on NVMe.
So I guess there is still a lot of performance tweaking need, hence the beta :slight_smile: