Can't sign to ESO


I’m from South Asian region of AoE III and I can’t create my account on ESO due to a 101 aspx type error for a multiplayer match. Is ESO expired??? Any suggestions…


Hello, error 101 means there is already an ESO account created on this CD key. You can only create one ESO account on a particular CD key.


Did you recently buy a new copy of the game?


No dude I just downloaded that AoE III from Pirate Bay. No C.D. Sorry for getting AoE pirated. I will end my profile if AoE team insist or block off my profile. I recently join AoE forums because i’m AoE fan!!! recently came know to about AoE franchise when I downloaded AoE III and it’s expansions some few years back. AoE is the most realistic rts after RoN.


Well, the only way to create ESO account is to have a licensed copy of the game (you can buy it on Steam).