Can't the game/server be smarter when disconnects happen?

I just had a disconnection from Steam in a game where I had 3900 score vs 2300. Servers recorded that as my loss which, based on score and status in the game, is stupid decision to take.

I have no idea what caused the disconnect since my internet was working at that moment - I checked immediately. Having a loss recorded in situation like this makes no sense. At least discard the game result, instead of assigning the loss.

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I think it’s fine to give a loss if a player drops, your suggestion would generate possible exploits since it’s not that hard to artificially boost the score and then drop when in losing position.

I know it’s frustrating to drop when in winning position, but losing few points is not the end of the world.


This happened to me while i was streaming, lost like 38 points, my internet was fine since i was streaming and had other websites open and running, game just froze until it dropped me.

The servers were ukwest and australiasouth, clearly it has to be with their servers.