Can't upload dxdiag.xml file

Hello, when I try to upload the dxdiag.xml file, it just keeps loading and nothing happens. Is it because I still use Windows 7? It doesn’t show any error or anything.

how about changing the Internet browser

i used chrome when uploading xml

or remove the Internet cookie files, close the browser and try again

Some other users were having issues (firefox?) where they were having issues uploading the dxdiag.xml. Try a different browser or clearing cookies

I’m not seeing any errors specific to this in our server logs. You can check out some troubleshooting steps on our support page. If that doesn’t help, feel free to reach out to our support group on that site.

Not making a new topic i’ll ask it here :slight_smile: . I made a ticket regarding my insider badge not showing up and they had answered that they looking into it ( 15/4 ) . But since then no info on what happened or if it would be fixed in the near future.

maybe you can help me out or give me more info if possible ?
thanks in advance

Welcome to the forums btw :slight_smile: .

Try indeed with another browser if possible. Also when you save your dxdiag file. Make that the progress bar is done when you open the dxdiag. Can be possible you can have a corrupt file because of its not completely done yet.

Try logging out and back in, I think I just fixed the problem where it wasn’t giving the badge like it should.


Thanks for the fast respons. fixed it

I tried chrome to upload the file, deleted cookies and created a new dxdiag.xml file, but it still doesn’t work. Thanks for the fast response though. I’ll submit a request to support group.