Can't upload Dxdiag


Whenever I try to upload my Dxdiag I get this message, "There was an error saving your information.
I saved my Dxdiag as an .xml file.
Does anyone know the solution to this?


Hi @AgonisticVirus8, I just tried the same thing and was able to upload my DxDiag file. Are you sure you saved it as an XML file? The default is a TXT file.

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Yes I am sure. I have tried saving it multiple times but it won’t work :confused:

had same problem, but you have to select .xml from drop down menu.

Check out the support article: I cannot upload my DxDiag; I get the error “There is a problem with your DxDiag.” – Age of Empires Support

If that doesn’t help there’s a link on the page to contact our support folks for help.

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Check :


I got it to work now. When Dxdiag were collecting the info, a window pop-up showed about skipping some information, which I pressed “Yes” on before, now I pressed “No” and it worked :slight_smile:


I have the same problem. I have my file in .xml but when I upload it on the website it’s keep loading;

I tried on two different computer/IP/internet provider / browser / Country… Same bug. it’s loading forever

Hi @Kinfette06, Please contact support.

When i try to upload my DxDiag file it just says [object objected]

And yes its a .xml file ^^ even tried to use a txt for fun and than it says “error loading file”

Hi @FolderOfDoom956, Have you reached out to support?

NOt for now.

The the link to the support info page about the Dxdiag also dosent provide any helpful information unfortunatlly.

I encourage you to submit a support request at

I had this same thing and checked with reddit and found this:

yep I have this same issue trying to save the dxdiag file. Never had this problem before

hmm just found this thread on the corsair forum

do you by any chance use icue or the ST100 RGB headphone stand? Because I am using both and getting the same error.

I kid you not, unplugged my corsair headphone stand and it worked.

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Dont use either of them and no headphones at all

I had problems updating my dxdiag report, but I could upload it anyway after I removed it first.