Can't watch replays

I 've been having difficulties watching some old replays. Is there anything I can do to solve this?

No way. Next time just capture the screen

What do you mean by “capture the screen”?

record the screen so that you can see the reply in video format

How can I record the screen?

This is for recording. I want something to watch.

No way. Next time just capture the screen and watch the video file

What if I can’t capture the screen because of the same bug?

Recorded games are tied to the game version. A video capturing software has nothing whatsoever to do with the game so there’s no way OBS will be unable to record the screen because of whatever version AoE2DE is in

You asked how to record… and when given answer how to record, you say you don’t want to record?

No, I didn’t ask to record. I asked for watching.

Is this not you 21 minutes and 8 posts ago on this very thread asking “How can I record the screen?”?

I created this post to watch a replay.

I think you have misunderstood. In the future, for the next time, you can save a replay for posterity by recording it.
But if you have not recorded a replay from an old game version it is impossible to watch it. You cannot watch it. Only replays from current game version (as of latest patch) can be watched.

I see. Does this program work like the game replay? Meaning, can I switch between players, set/unset fog of war etc?

No, it will make a video only of exactly what you record. So it will not be possible to interact with it other than pause, play, fast forward, and reverse.

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Thanks for explaining

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Your error does literally tell you what your problem is. The game version of the rec isn’t compatible with the most recent game version.