Cant win game is no fun at all

is there a ranking matchmaking system ? and now the “mods” have ruined custom games …cant play because dont know what mods host are using …

there has to be a way of getting a fair game …this is not fun anymore but a waste of time …

i just want to quit playing and walk away but I am addicted somehow …wish I could just quit …

I dont mind losing every game if they were somewhat fun but tired of getting beatdown by what feels like professional gamers

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Go on customs games, choose a lobby that you inspire, like one with treaty mod, or with only Noob in description and play. The Mods install themselves as soon as you enter the lobby


There should be a possibility to set an option that only players with a certain level can enter a game.

Otherwise always a non beginner come to a game with the description beginners only.

the vast majority do not exceed 1200 elo, if you lose that it is better since you will play with the elo of your level, play at your level and do not complicate your life

Play some 1 vs 1 Quick Match games to work on your independent efficiency, then you will have a much easier and more fun time in any game type.