Can't you do something about the updates/hotfixes?

Everytime there’s an update ready and installs I have to wait a tremendous amount of time until it’s 100%. For example for the 43MB update I had to wait like over 30 minutes because Steam is pre-allocating space, then downloading, then verifying or whatever. This is annoying and time consuming. Is there anything we can do to shorten this amount of time? I can’t imagine having to wait so long for every single hotfix or update that will be coming up.

30 minutes is a tremendous amount of time? Come on, just browse reddit for 30 minutes or go make yourself a cup of tea…

Only thing you could do is buying a faster SSD I think. AoE3:DE game patches require updating large data archives of many gigabytes in size, even when the raw updated files are only a few megabytes.

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Hehe you can always browse the forums for new bugs before downloading them :smiley:

While i agree that the time consumed is neglectable, something feels clearly off when downloading patches. Think i downloaded TWW2 again (23Gb + Install time on SSD) in the same time frame as AOE 3 updated. If is really a 43Mb update being allocated it would never consume the same amount of time.

That said, we can only guess that a file integrity check is made before allocating update space, and that check goes throu everything, not only data files. So if is reading hashes from everything, it will take quite a while.

With the gamebreaking issues we have atm thou, i don’t think update times are worth expending dev time XD

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Exactly. This is a relatively minor issue and the devs can always look into optimizing updates some time later. It shouldn’t be high on the priority list.


For a 40MB update it’s a lot of time. Also I play at work when I have some free time so waiting 30 mins basically spends my entire break on waiting.

man you are asking too much to a not well paid developers or uneficient devs, maybe you can make game updates while you are working. Im not gonna ask anything more to them, its useless.