Card progression system would be fun in campaigns

I’d say most would NOT want to return to the old card system where you have to grind through levels just to get a useable civ in multiplayer or skirmish, but it would be a fun feature in campaigns and could be explored with greater depth.
Historical battles are nice but I do think campaigns would also be great additions. And there is no need to stick to the original arcs or fictional style. You can make full historical campaigns, or historical campaigns from the perspective of fictional characters like the TAD ones. I hope adding historical battles is just the first step of adding more SP contents (not the last).

It is even possible to implement a “world map” mode like Rise of Nations. That fits perfectly well with the AOE3 gameplay.

  • RON had cards you can purchase or obtain through missions. The original AOE3 card progression is simply an improved version of this.
  • RON also had something like upgradable army/defense levels which determine the starting units, buildings and resources. A similar system could also grant the higher leveled side with additional starting shipment points, etc.
  • In RON the unoccupied maps were held by the same “barbarians” with minimalistic techs, but now we have native settlements in AOE3 that also fits quite well.
  • Some certain civs could trigger special historical scenarios on certain maps.

Isn’t it already there? Card progression was not removed from the campaigns, as far as I know :thinking:

That’s true, so more campaigns with card progression would be better.