Cards for Hausa

has anyone noticed that the hausa and ethiopians arent able to build fields in age 1, every other civ in the game are able to build farms etc . This means cards like koose ,Advanced Agriculture and Team indigo dyeworks aren’t usable in the first age since you cannot build fields, meanwhile every card for the British in age 1 is usable except native lore.

A while ago i also noticed the improved building card is not amongst their cards either and for a base building civ thats a must have. Royal Fortifications in age 4 is great card since you dont have to pay 3000 influence to upgrade your buildings, but still its not the same as having improved buildings which buffs buildings hitpoints by 40% even after its upgrade.

Amina Epic should be moved to age 2 its another card that has no effect in age 1

Gatekeepers do research city walls which saves another 1000 influence but it doesnt grant any attack bonus.

The last nerf made this civs cav kinda broken. In age 2 you need only 5 huss and you will destroy 10 raiders

in conclusion for a cav civ this civ,has the weakest cav in the game.

Why all the nerfs

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