Cards that should be upgrades

Conquistador Unique Upgrade for the Spanish explorer Available in the Urban center from age I: Improves his damage and resistance points as well as his war dogs
Spanish Scout: Damage +50%
Spanish Scout: HP +50%
War Dog: Damage +20%
War Dog: HP +20%

Equipment Destreza Equipment upgrade that increases the damage and resistance points of scouts in all their actions, and slightly improves the damage of infantry melee technology available in the barracks since age I.
Scout Damage +20%
Scout HP +20
Infantry melee damage +10%

The Royal Decree card of the New World (Spain) should lose that ability to allow unique church upgrades, since those upgrades should be unlocked, instead this card receives the following benefit:
Description: According to the decree of her majesty, it has been requested that these lands be conquered in the name of the crown and that all its inhabitants know the word of God.
Send a Church Wagon 2 missionaries and missionaries now have the ability to stun enemies with a charged ability called “Religious Devotion”

The new image of the card would be this (or somethin similar xD):

Corselete: Improves the hit points of the Spanish heavy infantry by 25% (the penalty bonus no longer exists) costs 500 wood and 600 gold

Royal Halberdiers costs 1000 wood
-Send 13 halberdiers
-Improves melee infantry damage by 15%

Wild Geese is worth 2700 food
-Send 10 Wild Geese (Arquebusiers
-Enable the arquebusiers in the stables
-Enables the Irish Brigadiers in the barracks
-Increases the damage of Brigadiers and Arquebusiers by 10%

And so with the following fractions, sorry if I didn’t put them all, it made me lazy xd