Cashes in ranked matches of ew

I played about 6/7 games in this game mode, and in 3 the game was closed.
The first time was in a game that lasted 40 min, the other 2 between min 5 -15.
He left the log of the last crash which was a while ago. The others I don’t know what they will be.
2021.07.08-20.24.00.txt (9,3 KB)
Age2CrashReport.txt (147 Bytes)

It should be noted that I have played a couple of tg in ranked and there I have not had problems, at least for now…

Well, it’s not only in ew, I just crashed again in normal tg
Age2CrashReport.txt (147 Bytes)

You can now even crash in campaign/SP 11 New feature for the single players, so they can already feel the pain of DE MP