Castle age University Tech: Belfry

After the nerfs to feudal towers tower are somehow useless atm.

I like the tower rush was nerfed, it was a bad and too volatile gameplay.

But they can’t fill the role they supposed to fill:

They are suboptimal in defending forward ressources because of the low damage output. The enemy can just constantly threaten a raid and idle your eco.

They are bad in gaining map control because they are taken out too fast by their counters, so even if you have mobility you can’t get there in time.

Solution: Castle age tech “Belfry” gives them 67% resistance to all bonus damage and doubles the amount of arrows fired by garrisoned vills.

This will solve both utility issues without affecting the stadard tower rush which should have already be beaten or lead to a victory.

problem is, its also a tech, which means teching into towers is even more expensive.


They have decent enough damage against archers, you shouldn’t rely on towers against cavalry anyway, walls are better. University tech wouldn’t make towers any better, building a uni costs 200w itself+tech cost. At that point of castle age it’s better to drop a defensive castle than investing in towers.

You got the point?
It’s exactly what i’m talking about.

Well you can’t expect to use a much cheaper fortification as a substitute to a full castle for defense. It’s called castle age for a reason


What about just auto tower buff in castle age for free? More HP and attack, etc. Or something like that.

Are you serous? Place a castle at every ressource?

I considered this, but this could have an impact on tower rushes, too. That’s why I think a tech is better, because it’d be possible to take it away from p.e. Incas if their tower rush would even though it shouldn’t impact it too much, become too strong.

Btw towers are buffed automatically now in castle somehow, but still not stronger then they were before the nerfs.

What? One well placed castle and some good walling can perfectly cover your resources to carry you to late game


The pure fact that you prefer a pure Defensive castle over 4-5 towers just supports my argumentation.

Guard towers are already useful to defend against mango pushes. 67% resistance damage just sounds so wrong.


Check the bonus damage of mangos :wink:

But why you make a mango push against powers? And building a tower against a mango push can be the last action of a game.

I don’t know if 67 % is the perfect amount, I just wanted to share the idea. In castle age towers are almost useless because they can be taken out that easy and quick. Maybe 50% or 60 % is better in terms of balance.

Obviously, 5 towers is more than what a castle costs, castle also allows me to create trebs, UU, research conscription and UTs.


Mango can beat watch towers easily, not guard towers. The reason to make mangos against towers is because they can attack over the bajillion houses defensive players love to spam.


I don’t know what you are talking about, it makes no sense. Do you ever play the map?

What do you do if you have 2 forward ressources?

How you pressure your opponent?

Ok you just don’t like towers, I understand.
Mangos aren’t designed to be the best defence killer, they have many usages and they can be very deadly for any towers if you have enough of them.
And still, the proposal I made wouldn’t nerf them much against towers, because their bonus damage is not that much compared to the base damage. Just check them out.

What? If I hated towers I would have mentioned the OG arrowslits 11

If you insist on doing the maths then ok, it’s around minus 22 damage. Can matter against a 1500 HP building in the long run. And if you feel like it doesn’t then why bother? There is literally already a tech (two if you count masonry) to buff towers in castle age. To make them able to compete with either TC spam or castles you would need such drastic changes to the game just fort the sake of making one particular building less situational.

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he is talking about neutral resources

I think the method here is to go something a little different from straight damage stats. Belfries are a place for a town bell, usually in a church, so (though the name indicates that the monastery should get a castle age tech to garrison villagers) let’s try a softer buff:

Belfry would be a Feudal tech, +1 tower LOS, adds the Town Bell to the tower abilities, and every tower automatically flares any enemy military unit that comes into its LOS. Say 50 gold, 75 wood. The idea would be to give greater awareness from the towers so that your reaction times are better, not to just make the tower stronger in itself.

Lol a button that destroys your eco and automates ur attention

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Unless you are fast castling, this price does not destroy your eco, but in that case you would not need such a tech anyway. Town Bell could, but you can abuse it as much in the TC as much as in a tower. The point of this thread was to help with forward resources, which may be well outside of TB range of the rest of your eco.

Admittedly, the autoflare might be a bit much, but only if the ability is set to continuously go off. You only get an attack warning for the first strike, not every one. That kind of algorithm could easily be used here.

I think he meant adding town bell button to towers isn’t a buff at all, past a certain skill threshold people don’t use the town bell button any more because it idles villagers that aren’t in danger, not just the ones that are getting attacked directly, most people just select the villagers in danger and garrison them instead of clicking town bell

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