Castle and Trebuchets lose their LoS in Kotyan Khan

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.333150 4426672)
  • Steam


In the last map of Kotyan Khan (A New Home), I attacked the Latin Empire and built a Castle in their base for extra defense for the trebs. My castle and the trebs lost their LoS. I don’t know if the issue is visible in the picture, since I didn’t want to alt-tab afraid it’s going to crash the game. I could select them but not see them if my units were not around them. And when the castle was built it was “hidden”. I am familiar at this point with the bug that has the allies unexploring the area, but this was something new.

I know that in the picture the castle is still under construction. I noticed the problem with the trebs first and this is when I took the screenshot. I decided to delete the castle since I thought that was the isssue. As seen in the second picture, the second treb is not visible (I didn’t lose it, just look at the LoS of the other treb)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Kotyan Khan - A New Home
  2. Go to Bulgaria
  3. Attack Latin Empire and build a castle in the middle of their base (see picture)
    4 Castle goes full ninja.

I’m not sure if someone can recreate it, since there might be a lot of factors that contributed to this. Anyway, I browse this forum every day this week and I haven’t seen anyone mentioning smth like this before.

Castle and Trebs don’t have LoS
2nd treb is “gone”