Castles could have a more interesting use than the current one

Speaking of unique units, it seems to me that they should not be created in the Castle, in fact NONE should be created there except in their respective military building (the trebuchet is a siege weapon, right?). It seems wrong to me to use the castles for this instead of putting them in their own military building creating an unnecessary and at the same time complex inconsistency.

All UUs share similar characteristics to those created in barracks, arches and stables so there would be no need to place them in castles.

I suggest that UUs be activated for use at the University with a generic option for all Civs for a cost and appear available in their corresponding buildings according to age.

IMPORTANT: Since yesterday some dudes flagged my comment, I will not respond to any of the comments to the present to prevent discussion since it seems that there is a censorship mafia that prevents free participation within the forums. It was my first comment and a very unpleasant experience that I hope will not be repeated.

Thanks and apologies.

Since it is clear that this is not a space open to diverse opinions but attached to political conformity, I prefer to withdraw to avoid unnecessary conflicts. I find myself very annoyed by the treatment I received being that I did not violate any of the rules of the forum and that my attitude was always proactive but they have guys who bullied everything that is different and I do not tolerate that.

Thank you and goodbye.

Its already too extablished on the meta to change it anymore. I think that its fine how it is rn

bruh, this is internet we speaking with all kinds of people. no need to get so upset over it, if they censor you just post it again ez copy paste. long as you dont break forum rule u golden.


No need for this kind of censorship. I gave up.