Casual Lobby ELO

i’ve been able to play some unranked matches friday morning (just after launch day) but, at some point, i stopped see available lobbies.

still, i am confident the multiplayer will work, at some point.

yet, in this future in which the casual lobby works, how could i know the level of the members of the lobby? without a dedicated ELO it’s impossible to have a balanced match and the whole lobby system is pointless…


With you. I keep playing with people who are WRECKING me in 25 mins or less lol

I’m good at this game, but I do subscribe to this idea. ELO must be shown.

ideally i would have 4 ELO,

  1. Open maps competitive (arabia, nomad etc)
  2. Closed maps competitive (arena, black forest)
  3. Open maps casual
  4. Close maps casual

with the #3 and #4 existing just to balance lobbies