Catapult ship for civilization without gunpowder

I think it would be a good idea to a add a weaker alternative to the canon galleon for civilizations who can’t get them.
It would give at least a chance in naval maps against castles.
They already have a lot of ships/siege weapons that are unrealistic so one more can’t hurt and would help balance the game a bit.


Like a water trebuchet thing.

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When we will get more regional skins, this may be good.

Although, none if the meso civs are first pick on water maps (which are already rare) so I doubt that this will be a priority…

I mean, even most of the civs with CG aren’t used on water, and a game with meso civs on islands probably won’t drag until imp.

I think this one is a more AI oriented request. A single Castle > AI civs without CG as the AI keeps throwing all its ships into the same Castle.