Catapults didn't attack when ordered

I just played a 1v1 on Nagiri. Opposing party was French and I was Abbysid. He attacked and I was moving my army in to fight him. I ordered my three catapults to attack his archers/crossbows and they did nothing. They didn’t move closer and they didn’t attack. I manually moved them slightly closer and then the same thing happened. No movement or attacking. By the time I managed to get them to attack, it was too late and the battle was already lost.


This bug isn’t exclusive to siege, even tho it happens most there. Got it on video for two land units:

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Thank you for the report @SuperZorg. Video is great, thank you @Tokatax!

This is a link to the video I took on my phone while watching the replay.

I have uploaded the replay map seed number. I would be happy to share the exact replay if you can tell me how.

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