Caucasus DLC

Since we are in a lull period in DE2 after the much appreciated DOTD reliece, I am hopefull that the devs are currently working on the next DLC for DE2.

This is my collective ideas for the Caucasus DLC as well as alterations I wish to see in game.

1. Armenia / Kingdom of Armenia / Armenians

Infantry and Defensive civ
Designed to be a supporting civ, average offensive power on its own but a strong ally. (Pocket civ)

Blend of Caucasus and Middle eastern architecture.

Yılankale Castle

UU-Nakharar:Mountain Infantry. Average in combat , strong against buildings , high pierce armour with a large shield on the back that can bypass a cities walls much like a siege tower (without the need for the tower) .

" Armenian soldiers used iron hooks to help them climb fortification walls, and large leather shields to protect them from anything that would be dropped from above."

Good unit for raiding walled cities.

Unique tech 1 - Sparapet (Allows you to train Ayruzdi cav)

Unique tech 2 - Mountain Keeps/Strongholds (Castles/TCs on elevated ground gain +2 attack
Due to the mountain ranges they used to defend their kingdom against aggressors: three massif lines running north–south: To the north, the Çimen Dağı, Kop Dağı and Yalnızçam mountains. In the centre, the Munzur, Karasu Dağı, Aras Dağı mountains. To the south, Southeast Tauros, Bitlis, Hakkâri, Buzul and Tarsus mountains.

Civ bonus :Captured Relic = +1 Infantry attack.

They receive free Murder holes. " There existed a special regiment of mountaineers who were trained to roll rocks onto their foes in siege warfare,"

Can garrison units in Monastery. (Armenia was the 1rst civ to adopt Christianity)
Monastery cost - 50%
Can build stone walls in dark age. No palisade walls. (Borrowed Idea)

Weak siege line. ,only onager and capped ram.

Archer line only goes up to crossbow.
Full cav archer line.
No hand cannoneer.
Full skirm line.

Heavy cav goes up to Cavalier.
Heavy Camel.
Once Sarapet is researched (expensive) , then Ayruzdi cav can be created in castle.
Ayruzdi cav - similar to Byzantine Cataphracts.
No bloodlines

Team bonus: All allies get free siege engineers.

Campaign: Fight alongside their Georgian allies against the Eldiguzids (Turks) in a campaign in Anatolia that culminates in the climactic battle of Shamkor.

Wonder: Etchmiadzin Cathedral

I just constructed them form an historical perspective , perhaps they can get a trade or economy bonus, but I did not want to make them to strong since it will be out of place if they are a stronger civ (Stronger economy/strong attack) than for instance the Byzantines that had a much larger empire.

So I was thinking they could aid their allies with a strong home defense as well as a supporting role in a monk push.

Perhaps their : Can garrison units in Monastery, ability can be a team bonus thus in doing so you can have a forward monastery that allows vils to garrison in the Monastery as you do a monk rush.

They can also get a tech in the monastery called ‘‘Tithe’’ that allows your vils to drop off gold at the monastery. In doing so you can secure your golds, protect your vils and use that gold to spam monks in support of your allied push.

Whilst if your enemy is fully walled your Nakharar:Mountain Infantry can get over the walls and raid until you have enough resources to obtain Sparapet (Allows you to train Ayruzdi cav) for a strong late game push, relying on your allies for siege. (Or use trebs)

2. Georgia / Kingdom of Georgia / Georgians
Cavalry / Monk civ

Caucasus architecture

Georgia: Akhaltsikhe Castle or Khertvisi fortress

UU - Monaspa Mace wielding Heavy cavalry (that slowly damages armour, same as Oboch)

Unique tech 1 - Georgian Reconqesta (Reduce Baracks sword infantry cost by -40%)

Unique tech 2 - Sword of the Messiah (Decreases cool down duration from monks after a successful conversion)

Team bonus : Gelati Academy - Allied university techs - 20% cost in food.
Natural allies Franks , Byzantines , Armenians , Italians, Cumans get a further reduction of -20% wood cost as well.
Each allied civ as well as your civ starts with x1 more berry bush to depict the Georgian vineyards (Borrowed Idea)

Campaign:Sword of the Messiah

King David IV The Builder campaign to unify the Kingdom and defeat the Saljuk Turks ,climax at the Battle of Didgori.

Wonder: Svetitskhoveli Cathedral or Bichvinta Cathedral.

Champion ( lacks Plate armour)
Halb ( lacks Plate armour)

Light cav only
No camels
Paladin no bloodlines

Archery range
Elite skirm
No Heavy Cav archer (Relies on Cuman Allies for better cav archers)
No Hand cannoneers

Civ Architecture alterations

Georgia: New Caucasian set
Armenia: Caucasian ,ME Hybrid set
Byzantines gets new Architecture set
Something like this will be perfect: Byzantine Buildings
Byzantines+Sicilians Medi (Dark+Fudal), ME (Castle+Imp) Hybrid set.
Please give the Chinese and Koreans their own Castle Architecture, the Japanese castle really doesn’t do them justice.
And for the Mongols + Huns we need Yurt houses and nomadic architecture.

Region specific Random map options. Since we now have this in AoE IV (We desperatly need this in DE2)

Please provide us with an OPTIONAL setting where you can select specific random map biomes based on region , for instance:

Arabia: Desert or Grass

Black forest: Oak forest (Northern European), Pine forest, Autumn , Winter (Snow)

Costal: Oak forest, Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow)Dessert,Jungle

Mediteranian: Oak forest, Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow)

Rivers: Oak forest,Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow),Dessert,Jungle

Gold Rush: Oak forest,Pine forest, Bamboo, Autumn, Cyprus trees (Grecko),Winter(Snow),Dessert,Jungle

And so forth.
This option should be togolable in the options section for those whom do not wish to use this.

Advanced Gene Editor unit renaming.
Could the devs please make the unit abreviations in AGE more reflective of the actual in game name? Please.
It is such a time consuming frustration to try and find units to edit when the abreviations are inexplicably different to the unit. For instance
Champion = HeroI (Please make it something like: champ)
Paladin = Heroc (Please make it something like: pal)
Elite skirm = HXBOW (Please make it something like: Eskirm)
Man at arms = SWDMN (Please make it something like: MAA)
Long Sword man = THSWD (Please make it something like:Lsword)
Norse warrior = THSWD as well!! (Please make it something like: Norse W)
Two handed Swordman = HTHSW (Please make it something like:2Hsword)
Millitia = SPRMN!!! (Please make it something like:Militia)
Spearman = PKEMN!!! (Please make it something like:Spearm)
Pikeman = ISPKM (Please make it something like:Pikem)
Arbelester = Aoar (Please make it something like:ARB)
Crossbowmen = Carch!! (Please make it something like:XBOW)
Cavalry archer = ??? I don’t have a clue but it isn’t Carch for some reason.

Please for us modders, I besiech you, please rename the unit abreviations to more logical ones.

Please make exclusively visual mods not trigger the ‘‘Achievements have been disabled because cheat codes were used.’’ blocking system. I want to be able to get all achievements (Steam Achievements as well as event achievements/rewards) when using a visual dataset mod.

Thank you.

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Teutons have this already.

That’s probably too strong of a team bonus.

Why cant armenians and georgians use this set?

The caucasus has a highly destictive set:
King_Mirian III Christianising Georgia 324AD

Where the Byzantine Empire streached from Italy,Greece , Anatolia, the Levant and all they way into North Africa, thus they have a far more diverse ,culturally infused set.

Basilica of San Vitale
Constantinople Chora Church

Monastery of Hosios Loukas

Walls of Constantinople

Well pretty much all building sets are not perfect or historically matching.

I wouldnt mind seeing the armenians or georgians having the same buildings as the current byzantines.

Not sure if its that strong.

Its good, but 20% less food on tech isnt that much in practice imo