Caught a map hacker

I played two (and lost) games against a guy who was map hacking. (Watching the replay there is no doubt). For anyone who wants to watch a blatant hacker account is

If you want to watch the replays search my account Eriulf against the player in the link.


Hopefully, the dev will directly impose the strictest bans on cheating players who actually use third-party software.


the problem is the cheat is public, and the method to make it is public too
i would post it in report bugs but it would just add more cheaters to the game

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PM a mod, I think they already know about this tho.

which mod, devs too busy to read dms

Hi Guys.

I have the same Problem. Watched replays to confirm it. Played vs 2 Maphackers (1 was rallying his Mongol villiger into the dark next to my goldmine with shiftclicking and placing the tower before even knowing where my goldmine is). Lost that game.

The other maphacker was scouting only where sheeps (sheep spawns COMPLETE in the cornere, he went there, but left all the other corners, even huge parts of it unrevealed, because there were no sheeps). He also moved his vills when i tried to raid before he had vision on them. Luckyly he was horrible bad, so i still won the game, but there is so doubt he hacked.

I mean i reported them, but who is reading the reports? Im sure there are alot people reporting without a real reason. And i heard alot friends complaining about an increasing number of hackers, so the problem seems to be growing.

How to deal with that? Devs? Any timespace for those things? Because it ruins the game and will lead to quitting it on the long run.

Fixing this is pretty hard, just like fps games struggle with wallhacking.

What do people think about the option of multiplayer games being played with a revealed map, so that all players can see everything, eliminating the advantage of map hacking? I.e. if we assume that they cannot fix map hacking on a technical level, which is the better option out of:

  1. What we have now, with map hackers gaining a competitive advantage.

  2. Revealed map games - different gameplay, but all players equal.

That wont fix the issue, because the main idea is for them to get an advantage, so they will just continue to play the mode where you cant reveal map and continue to maphack.
Most of these guys will get caught eventually. Specially when they get to higher ranks.
Best thing to do is to report these guys.

My suggestion is to make that not an option, multiplayer games would simply have revealed maps without any option to have them not revealed, preventing anyone from gaining an advantage by maphacking.

Does anything happen to people who are caught? If they are willing to examine cases reported and take useful action, then yes, that’s a possible solution, I’d just got the impression that was never going to happen.

That would take a lot of the fun from the game. Scouting is such an essential and fun part of the game and it would be a shame if removed. People who maphack at least on 1v1 and to an extent even in teams wont get very far in terms of rank anyways as they will get destroyed at the higher ranks and players at higher levels will very likely notice they are cheating too.

As for the reporting system i believe it works as I reported a player who maphacked against me in 1v1 and then drophacked the game cuz he was still loosing and his last game was 27 days ago.

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That’s good if action is being taken. I had got the impression from other threads that nothing ever happens to cheaters, so it’s good to know that’s not the case.

Actually, I just looked at someone I reported, and they were playing several games per day, but haven’t played for several days now, so they may have been banned. The other players in the game said they were also reporting them.

Yeah, I understand why we can have that impression since there is usually no response from the devs about wether they are doing something about it, so maybe they could work more on reasuring the players that are doing the reporting that the team will investigate or something.

Here is a maphacker im tracking. Not banned yet. Reported him about 7 days ago. I checked a few other games and he is still hacking. Feel free to do so too:

How to deal with such guys?

ban on RB wololo…
ooops… it’s ladder, no one cares, LOL.

fucking thi shjt. Hack map everywhere

Still a big problem. Mostly I have suspected Chinese players doing it.

Heres one definitely doing > Steam Community :: 童谣Toad palace

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They dont do anything about it. Maphackers probably make up a majority of their flailing player base so they can’t afford to enforce it. There are ALWAYS games in the custom lobby with chinese titles that advertise a number to contact for hacks.

Thats unfortunate. I can uderstand custom lobbies can be dodgy, but this was on Ranked matches.

Yea, it’s everywhere. I’m just saying the hack-makers are using the custom lobby system to create advertisements for their hacks. It’s absurd that they don’t do something about it. A dummy account makes a lobby titled “call 349572245 for hacks” (in chinese) and just leaves the lobby up for days and days at a time. It would be so easy to code something that closes an inactive custom lobby after a certain amount of time, or at least look at the fucking lobby once per day and ban the advertisements. But they do literally nothing.

there always had chinese player in custom room sales hacker program。
hope someone can stop these thing