Cav Archers

I’ve heard they’re not as good as DraGoons. What would they need to be more as good as Goons? Would they need to be closer to their level?

cavalry archers have always sucked since release for a variety of factors, some of which where intentional. although they are much better now than they where at release, they are still a borderline troll pick in vanilla and sub par in tad.

they used to cost more gold than hussars, have fewer units per shipment, lower multipliers vs heavy cavalry and no anti artillery bonus, all the while losing 1v1 vs the hussars that where cheaper than them while being unable to kite due to attack delay and slower move speed.

while some of these issues where fixed, consider that compared to Dragoons Cav Archers have vastly lower dps output despite a 1.5 rof(rate of fire), will miss around 25% of their shots dropping their dps even further, have almost no burst to speak of, significantly higher animation delay in their shots, move slower, and have lower ranged hp due to a lack of ranged resistance.

In return they have 65 more base hp and melee resistance, however they will still lose 1v1 to hussars and have almost no kite potential vs other heavy cavalry. they even have a vastly weaker melee attack meaning you cant even use them as pseudo heavy cavalry in a pinch, unlike dragoons.

as ottomans, at least in vanilla if you cant use jans to counter heavy cavalry atm due to train/move speed issues, it was better to simply use your rg hussars instead which not only where more durable and useful against a far larger variety of enemy units, they could also snare, tank longer, and dish out far more dps to ranged resistant heavy cavalry. as for russia, cossacks and instant training infantry where just the superior option every time, meaning they where the only civ that essentially had no royal guard unit in almost all of their games.

to be good, they need to move as fast as dragoons, have vastly lower attack delay, full accuracy, and need to have much higher dps than dragoons for the lack of burst damage in exchange for hitpoints and resistance. otherwise they are still not a unit to be taken seriously.

another common misconception is that 1.5 rof attacks twice as fast as 3 rof. infact its closer to 50-60% as the first shot has no rof, just an animation delay. this means that if both a cav archer and a dragoon attack at the same target and had no animation delay, the cavalry archer will fire 3 shots in the time it takes the dragoon to fire 2, or 5 shots in the time it takes a dragoon to fire 3. at 0 seconds they both fire, at 1.5 sec the cav archer shoots again, and at the 3rd second they both fire, 3 shots for 2. you can test this and longer patterns in the scenario editor. a 1.0 rof is needed to attack twice as fast a 3.0 rof, launching 4 shots in the time it takes a 3.0 rof to fire 2.

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Just reduce pop cap to 1 as stated in the compendium lol

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Cav archers definitely need a buff. Goons are the superior anti cav. Like even Eagle Runners are much better than Cav archer.

  • The idea of making them 1 pop could work?
  • Maybe giving Snare option to them? A range unit that can snare. It would be unique to them though
  • Reducing ROF to 1.0 could work.
  • Giving more raw damage or higher multiplier?
  • Probably higher melee resistance as they usually have to stand to have use of the 1.5ROF
  • Faster first shot animation? Eagle runners also have 1.5ROF but their first shot is almost instant like a goon

One that has to be done 100% is increasing their speed to be in par to goons? they have 6.75. Give them 7.25?

CA is a great unit already, absolutely no reason to buff them.

Saying they are worse then ERK therefore needs a buff is insane, as erk is the best anticav by a large margin