Cav archers

Hey, how to counter mass cav archers doing hit and run ? that pissed me of so bad. I tried 50 skirms, mass paladins, halbs, etc

If they only spam cav archers then make a huge mass of halberdiers and tons of rams. The rams may distract some arrow fire form the CA but more importantly, they will murder your enemy’s buildings without him being able to destroy them. If they try to switch to melee cav the halbs will protect your rams.
Now there is the small chance the enemy remembers swordsmen counter this strat, but it’s quite rare they think about it. And even if they do you will have diverted him away from CA and not all CA civs have good infantry.

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Mass Cav archers are slow to get to and expensive, massing knights or xbow is faster and you should be able to beat them in the long run

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Lots of trash units. Halbs can hurt them but they will die immediately. Hussars can tank damage, Skirms are nice.

Good Cavalry Archer civilizations has good hussars, when Cavalry Archers+Hussars Vs Skirms+Halb, they all counter eachother so micro dependent.

Siege Onagers counters everything. Siege ram good against generic line.

What civ you used vs cav archers?
Because if you get one like Berbers or Byzantines then you get strong counters.

I had franks, it was in BF and the dude was going back and forth in one of those BF’s tunnel. I think he was mongols

So he had mangudai or normal CA?

normal cav archers, i remember clicking his units to be sure

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Then you get a strong answer, the Frankish Paladin with 192 HP and easily spammable with their superior economy and Chivalry.
But yous hosud try to raid them beforethey can get that units first.

Paladins or some other strong unit, and wreck his base. Maybe add some rams, castles, trebuchets… Hit and run only works as long as you can afford to run away from a fight.

(Note: this is advice given based on a very short description of what happened in this game. Also: you’re going to lose about half your games no matter how good you get. Not every game can be salvaged by changing the strategy or the unit.)

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yeah the problem is that he was the one kinda pushing, he had some treb being shooting the deffense

Well, playing black forest tends to make it hard to push early, as people wall quite heavily and then boom into a post imperial composition. I would have gone onager vs those CA’s, rams on front to absorb some arrow fire and castle fire, and complement with trash units

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Well Franks vs mongols on BF seems pretty much unwinnable if both sides play correctly. Flooding palas wont do much, as he can just tank them in chokepoints.

That beeing said, you’re probably not playing on 2k elo, so your opponent wont play perfectly (as examplified by the fact he went CA over Mang).

The most common counter is Skirms, just remember to get full upgrades on them. Normal CA are also pretty weak vs onagers unless microed well. More situational counters can be xbow (only castle age; after pathian tactics they actually beat most archers), camels/kts (before massed up too much) or a ram/halb push.


Ok thanks, now looking back on it I think as frank I had no archer range and his treb were pushing giving no time to mass up I guess the game was lost ahah

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Best way to counter mass CA is kill the opponent before it reaches that mass with upgrades. If you can’t, heavy siege with some meat shield in front is the best answer. Skirms tend to be ineffective because CA civs often have good hussars too.

CA is the most unit that need buff in the game and you are complaining about them? Man you can counter them with many units, xbows, skirms, pikes, siege…

The fact that you don’t know about the danger of massed cav archers speaks for itself.


yeah you said it “massed”, but they already have many problems and tons of upgrades to be good enough and their frame delay is stupid useless

He isn’t complaining. He is asking for advice.

You know, he has that attitude that if you struggle with something, you should think of how to overcome that struggle instead of making “pls nerf xy” posts on the forums. It really says a lot about you that you cant even see this and just assume he is asking for nerfs.

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yeah i know what he means, but CA need many things to reach this point and it is totally hard to start mass them once you hit the castle unlike any other unit in the game. I am not saying he is wrong because CA are really strong in late game especially when you mass them and counter them is not that hard actually just with trash units you can do enough