Cav Box

Aha. That makes sense.

So basically the opponent is making the WC much stronger but not doing siege dance - which makes the overall cav box much weaker for siege. It’s still tough to stop, of course.

And you’re right - wasn’t trying to hijack it. I would be open to a change causing a unit’s siege damage to be reduced when in the defensive formation. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the best fix would be changing the amount of units that are able fit in a small area. The smallest ring size of the defend formation should only be able to hold 10, maybe 15 units. If this then causes larger rings around the smaller one, that would make sense and be fine… resulting in a much larger box and less concentrated siege damage. Not to mention it makes sense with the original intent of formations

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I also like the idea to change the formation for larger numbers of units (with larger rings around an inner ring). I am unsure how easy it would be to implement, so I still think a reduced siege output whilst in that mode is an acceptable alternative if devs do not want to spend much time on this issue. Obviously your proposal is more ideal, however. :+1:

whats the formation? forget i hink i have the answer


That’s the one! lol :joy:

Irrelevant screenshot , Sioux war chief don’t have that much hp , it should be when he sitting in teepee . Demage number also suggesting it’s pic when warcheif is near manyyyyy teepees

And cav box don’t have teepee with them . Secondly even with warcheif dance they don’t have that much hp .

U can easily snipe warcheif with 15-20 good in 2-3 shoots .

Why people here are so scared of cab boxxes ???

Just make 15-20 goons . And snipe the middle units .

Box ends .

Vs Sioux make 20-25 goons , easy kill box .once box ends , Sioux are just too bad of civ in treaty ,

make 3-4 mortors to kill teepee and Sioux units and eco are ■■■■ to handle fight like that .

And if Sioux just put 25 vill on training dog soldiers than his eco is even worse once his box ends .

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Your factories are gone by the time those goons are trained.

Did u realised how bad that comment is ??? Why will u train goons after box come . boxes comes in treaty , u train goons in ur starting army, use other units to check map where box is comming from . Few things are highly obvious to over look .

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No, boxes don’t only come in treaty. That’s just not even close to being true. I usually see them late-game when someone has decided they aren’t going to win legitimately. There is no warning in these cases, nothing to prompt you spreading other units to check the map for them. So no, I haven’t “realised how bad that comment is.”

Its basically the only thing Sioux have in treaty games, otherwise their eco isnt good enough to hold.


Lol yes ur statement is still bad , Sioux can’t afford to make dog box in game other than treaty thei axe box is not that scary and with every other type of boxes they have a goon/cav archer in center , u can snipe it with any range unit .

How hard is to kill a single goon / cav archer ???

And if u goes late game with sioux keep goons in army . How hard is that ???

And if u r letting Sioux goes that late in game , then u r playing it wrong. Sioux hardly ever goes age 5 , and before that they don’t even have walls .

And even if Sioux destroy ur factory , it’s fair enough , Sioux don’t have factory and their eco just worst in game . U can easily beat them .

Still scared ??? Make 4-5 layers of walla arround factories and 15-20 goons , Sioux can’t even touch ur factory if u watch mini map

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The cav box is not limited to the Sioux.

The Lakota are the scariest with it, however. The opriknik box just doesn’t have the same level of terrifying because opris are so much slower with less attack and health than tokala soldiers, and will die to a basic goon response, whereas the tokala soldiers will just decimate the goons on their own.

Dude read the comments , other civs can make cav box but they have to put either a good or cav archer in center , and how hard. Is to kill a goon or cav archer ??? U know anything about makin cav box with civs ?

I feel like best way to kil opri box is normal hussers . They die so fast

I disagree with you. Notice how I’m doing that without insulting your intelligence. Please consider trying that.

Ask other players openion , then , it’s so easy to kill goons and cav archer

What’s the point in a definitive edition when this, arguably one of the most infuriating problems with the original has not been addressed.

It is beyond my understanding. Sure fixing problems won’t be a marketable like fancy new civs but every original player will just be frustrated.

Also the downgrade in the ui (shift click villager icon in groups) is unacceptable.

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Box have never been problem in any aoe3 , u just need to know how to kill a goon/cav archer , by focusing it .

Other than that boxes look weak in de , they are not as packed like in tad , and they don’t seige as focused as they use to do in tad.

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