Cav box

I get that the Opprich etc cant do this anymore. But the Sioux are even more useless now. It was the only thing allowing sioux any chance of playing in Treaty and games getting into late game.

They shouls get either a card or the dog soldier as unique bonus that they will rally up to the warchief to let the sioux have a chance in these scenarios.

I haven’t played in competitive for some time, but I think that just some civilizations were never made to be good in the late game (TR). They are more focused on rush and mid game.

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They actually have been improved in DE: better economy, stronger teepees, and they can finally build walls.


Yeh im actually enjoying Sioux right now in treaty. Not sure how well they would do in ranked, but in casual they very strong.

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What new bonusses did they get then? Also their walls stay pallisade if I believe so and are only available in age 4?

Also teepees arent that good as its a fixated building with only small area where it accounts. Artillery will wipe them out and their eco wouldnt be enough to supply or sustain enough troops in late games and treaty

Unless you are a beginner, you should stop playing treaty and play the real game instead. AoE3 has never been designed to be played that way. I don’t know why the developer should balance the game according to this game mode.

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If Sioux has space, artillery isnt a problem because warchief one shots them. Eco isnt a problem either, not sure where you get that from if you are playing them correctly, you beat almost anything. The only problem I have with Sioux is how hard it is to siege when the enemy’s town center is in range to prevent you from building tepees. You kinda have to rely on team mates or you play the long eco game until they are completely depleted and punch through to their eco.

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AoE III was designed as any other AoE game, yes it put more emphasise on faster games, but games prolonging into late game are way more common than you are putting here. And you cant say AoE III wasnt designed for treaty when they literaly put it into the game.

Also like I said, its not just treaty, late games are as common as any. They dont just balance for treaty, but general games as well.


Space is a luxury both teams always compete for, so thats almost impossible to have all the space. Its also underestimanting the enemy for them to not defend arty.

Also the long eco game isnt the one Sioux is going to win, Europeans with their factories etcetera are way ahead in this sense and with their eco cards that they wont have a problem with depletion. Not to mention the good units of the Sioux usually are pretty coin heavy.

The things you have written about Sioux just isnt what ive experienced. If you think the strength of them was cav box at the start of a treaty game, it makes me think you are not that good of a player. No offense. What was your rank in the OG game?

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Treaty was added to the game with twc, because a lot of people played this but without real rules implemented in the game. Most of these people were new player terrorized by sergent janissary rush.

Treaty is the kingdom of cheese strat, with sneaky shogun with mortar, cav box, infinite cuirassiers with no counter, instant russian infantery from a fort etc

Do yourself a favor, and play the game like a normal personn. Or play treaty, but don’t cry here that cav box was removed from the game. Find you another cheese strategy.


Yes, apart from sieging I dont think, lakota have any other major problems, they do great against almost all units, and with increased 18 ranged Tepee things are now more balanced and great for them. sieging buildings is the only thing they are not very efficient at

For treaty, Sioux Cav bax was almost Unbeatable so Im not sure its really a bad decision for a treaty

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Because I give my opinion I am crying? Come on real mature here.

I didnt even say cav box in total was bad to remove if you actually read what I said. From my experience with the sioux their eco is not good enough to sustain long games and to be frank most casual games, because guess it or not most people play for fun not to do everything second perfect, are prolonging into late game.

Most people, the majority, dont want or like to be done with a game in 10 minutes.

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Warchiefs civs play mostly different from Europeans, so I dont think its a fair suggestion, because in your eyes I dont understand Sioux to state I am bad in the general game.

From my own experience with Sioux, their eco is inferior to almost all other ecos and their good units are pretty coin heavy. If you dont manage to rush effectivly which in team games can happen a lot (and team games are way and way more frequent then 1v1) it will prolong into late game giving other factions way more strengths then Sioux have. But like I said thats my personal experience and I havent played them in DE yet that much, did for a short time in vanilla.

Also what would be according to you a better strat for Sioux in treaty games? When their eco is inferior to all European civs and their military cant really be sustained when the Europeans keep sending armies?

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Im only talking about treaty, I dont play supremacy.

For me, I play super agro with them. I win the first fight and push as close to their base as poss. Then I tepee up. I try to end the game asap because sioux is the strongest at the start as you can pretty much get all your cards before the treaty ends. Microing the pit is very important. When I have full pop, toggle damage, when need troops, toggle spawn speed, when the chief needs to kill artillery (use his area ability for them), toggle warchief hp also to res him obv. You dont have to do this if you can get hp treasures for him though, can normally just hit and run.

I make sure I have 10k wood when treaty ends and when I can spam infinite herds, I move more on gold. I tend to have ~25k Gold and Food when treaty ends which is respectable.

If im winning comfortably and have lots of res, I max out the pit. If not, I take some off.

I aim for war chief HP treasures, he is super important.

I usually just mass riflemen and have some rifle horses incase they try to use cav. Chief sits behind everything, he is basically an aura bot. I may send in axe horse if needed in small groups, if im sieging, use prowlers obv.

Tepee arrangement is just something you have to practise, best is to put them in a “U” shape. Make them waste their time on tepees instead of military buildings, you are only loosing 25 wood per tepee over way more from stables and barracks (like 200 or 300 per building, I cant remember), leave some gaps for your troops to move freely through them. Always max the amount of tepees you can build.

Also, they can build walls now which is awesome. Worth noting if you didnt know, walls are massively nerfed in DE which helps Sioux alot.

If you play them correctly and have as many auras from Tepees as you can get plus the chief aura plus firepit damage, nothing Ive found can stop them. They roll over anything.

Most of my games my KD ratio is around 1:3 or at least 1:2. The last game that I played before writing this, I had 400 troops in total and killed 1400 of the enemies. Sioux or Lakota is really really strong so far for me. Will be taking it to ranked soon.

This is my deck, I may change it. Playing around with it atm until I find something I like. Might put in some native mercs because I rarely need the wood crate card. The trickle card seems to be enough.

P.s I never use Tokala (dog soliders). I havnt found a use for them yet but its nice to know if I need a massive op army, I can get them with one click.

“The real game” he says :expressionless:
You should stop talking nonsense. Let the others have their fun.
Fun is a POV.
For many, AOE 2 (De) is the real game and for those, AOE 3, rush or treaty, is a joke.

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Sioux are decent in treaty in de , try them .

Things change with time . And only a player who has no idea about competative treaty game can day something like that . If u like supremacy play it , don’t comment nonsennse about treaty . There is a decent no of player in treaty community and dev should have balanced civs for treaty at the start only . They could just opted some idea from official esoc treaty patch released earlier .

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