Cavalry Charge Effect Canceled?

You’ve canceled cavalry charge effect? Are you insane? Bring it back!

It hasn’t been removed!

The cavalry charge gets negated by a spearman bracing,

However it still applies to all other units (except for drive units, and ships), aswell as spearmen who are not bracing.

Also note there is a minimum distance that you must attack from for the charge to take affect, aswell as a cool down between charges. If it’s not working for you, it’s possibly because you are too close to the enemy units when you click to attack them.

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Attacking uphill with cavalry will also negate the effects of a charge, keep that in mind.

That actually isn’t true and only applies to campaign. Similar to melee units blocking attacks, it was removed.

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I noticed that cav charges were removed in campaigns - not sure whether it’s the case in multiplayer. Also, melee units could block attacks before?

In an early beta, it was removed before any version of the game was released to public - however the tool tip saying it was possible remained untill after release.