Cavalry charges, diplomacy, trade, naval warfare and more

I believe there are some things that ought to be brought back / over to the franchise.

  • The ability to change diplomacy mid-game, forming and breaking temporary alliances
  • The ability to trade with your allies (hopefully more than just gold, paying tribute shouldn’t be instant)
  • Complex naval warfare (with boardings and crashings much in the style of the game Sparta, but hopefully with some cannons in the mix).
  • Cavalry should do more than just move fast, cavalry charges should not stop abruptly when entering combat, it seems unrealistic. Infantry and archers should be knocked down (as they are in Battle for Middle Earth). Charging against pikemen should mean almost instant death.
  • No more destroying fortifications with swords and arrows

Maybe an ability like to zealots have in sc2?

Charge temporarily increases the movement speed to 9.1, allowing Zealots to intercept nearby enemies, dealing 8 damage to the charged target. Also increases the base movement speed of Zealots to 4.13. With Charge a Zealot is as fast as a Stalker.

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They already confirmed that
Gamestar magazine:

“In Age of Empires 4, you won’t see a knight who hits a building with his sword,” Adam Isgreen tells me. “Some people from our community really wanted that, they were angry that it didn’t work the same way as in Age of Empires 2.”

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