CD AoE3 ESO problem

Dear AoE3 Communtiy,

I’ve seen a lot of posts about steam CD key problems lately but I’ve been having the same problem only with the CD version.

So my situation is: I have the base game and all expansions CD copy. They’re ALL installed. I can play ALL of them.
Problem: when I try and create an ESO account on the base game, it tells me I have a bad CD key with the common error message. Also, I can’t find the base game’s box, therefore I don’t have the product key.

What I have that could solve the problem: Because I can still play the base game due to no CD updates, I can access it and I have the product ID. I also have the Warchiefs and Asian Dynasties CD keys.

My question is, can I fix it with this information?

the cd key might still be saved in your registry.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires 3\1.0]

Hello, you wouldn’t be able to fix this even if you had all the information. The right solution here would be to refund the purchase since you got sold a bad key, but from what it sounds like, it is way too late to do that.

Best way forward is getting the game on a Steam sale.

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Thanks for the advice, almost a crazy good call, I found all sorts of info including product ID there, unfortunately I couldn’t find the key. Thanks!

Yeah looks like I’ll just have to get the Steam edition. Annoying because I can play them all and clearly the key worked well enough to install the game but hey ho.
Thanks for the help!

The product id does contain the key, it’s only stored as hex in UTF-16 (MS-Unicode) format.

So you’re saying there’s a way of retrieving it?

Just right click the digital product id, click edit and you can see the hex to readable in the right part of the window.

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Yes, but it is of no use, since you got sold a bad key that doesn’t work for multiplayer.

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