Celts' "Stronghold" tech buff

Stronghold on celts’ seems to be fairly weak given the lack of a solid ranged unit to place into the castles and towers to increase arrow barrage, so I suggest a simple fix.

• Stronghold (Castles and towers fire 25% faster)

Changed to →

• Stronghold (Castles and towers fire 25% faster, and villagers add x3 stats towards arrow volleys)

This will not only buff tower and castles when garrisoned, but also town centers, making celt defenses truly a stronghold.
(Stats towards arrow volleys meaning how much attack and attack speed effects how much arrows fire out of the building in a single volley)


Man, I also loved “the Battle of Helm’s Deep,” but we don’t need to rework every civ with that in mind.

Also, I’d very strongly recommend keeping highly related ideas in 1 thread, rather than making a new one every time something comes to mind.

Check all his posts here:

Most asking the very same thing for his castle/tower zealotry.

@HealFortress Man just stop that is pathetic.

Other than I think Strongholds needs a buff, but not the way you want, just include Town Centers to the UT (Castles, Town Centers and Towers are defensive buildings).


Look, I don’t often make ideas all at once, and there is no need to add all of them to a single thread until I create a thread that covers all of the existing ideas over time later down the road after each individual one is fleshed out in their own focused individual topic.

And no, they are not related, similar sure, but entirely different civs and entirely different reasons.

You’ll notice that every now’n then I’ll make a topic with a bunch of my previous ideas and maybe even flesh them out or improve the wording further, and perhaps someday I’ll add these to the pile of the wanted changes, but today is not that day. Today we focus on these particular bonuses on an individual easy to follow basis. now back to topic.

It doesn’t matter. It’s always the same style of change, and people are sick of it. Stop advocating for things that buff your playstyle, while not being fun or even relevant for the community as a collective, it’s really annoying.


People will ask for nerfs and buffs from their own perspective/style of play, and that’s 100% fine, so of course to your eyes mine will seem to come from the same style.

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Judging by the responses, I don’t think you’ll benefit from trying to include the community in that process.
Also somehow I missed or forgot that you were the guy from that Teuton rework thread. Anyway, Noted.
Andale pues

Reminds me of how he got banned once eventho its ok to show your idea. But if people disagree then you have to deal with it what healingfortress isnt he jams onto every comment and trys to defend his own point instead of listening to others


I agree that this UT is one of the worst UTs in the game and it need a change. What I suggest is removing it completely and give Celts a UT that help them mid/late castle age.

Celts (Scottish lets say) got a revolution called “Davidiand revolution” that braught the feudalism, maybe we can give them this a UT and what it does, is that turn all created militia line units (or vills :slight_smile: ) to Woad raiders.

Celts (Scottish) were also famous for their great war ship that they got it’s concept from Vikings longships which was called “The Birlinn”.

The birlinn was clinker-built and could be sailed or rowed. It had a single mast with a square sail. Smaller vessels of this type might have had as few as twelve oars, with the larger West Highland galley having as many as forty. For over four hundred years, down to the seventeenth century, the birlinn was the dominant vessel in the Hebrides.

Maybe we can give them this also as a new UU to their docks.

Many greetings

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Well, at least their name fits, I guess.


Even making the TC fire faster, I don’t think it’s enough to entice people to research it.

I would like that firing faster defensive defensive buildings would be a bonus for future new defensive civilizations (eg Georgians) and give Stronghold a better new effect such like simply giving defensive structures more attack, etc.

I’ve also seen others suggest changing Castle Age UT to “Gallowglass”, giving Woad Raider +5 attack against siege weapons. Their Hussars lacking Plate Barding Armor and Bloodlines are usually unused, so this change is very helpful, and even well worth the removal of Hussars in exchange for it. Even though I think this Gaelic term is actually also appropriate to be the new name for Woad Raider.


Or a new UT for they´re infantery. They have not many boni as an infantery civ. Just faster movement and a UU.
UT Shiltron (Scotish Battle formation): Infantery get +5 bonus armour against bonus damage. So arbs has no bonus damage against they´re pikes. HC have less bonus damage against they´re infantery and the samuray have also less bonus damage against the Woad raiders.
This would be not the strongest UT, but celts are a strong civs and dont need any new strong bonus or UT.
But celts have not a strong infantery like Japanese, Vikings, Teutons or Aztecs. But with this UT it is not so easy to counter the celts infantery with counter Units.

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sorry but that wouldnt be very useful as a UT. arbs would still eat pikes, and how often do you need to resort to HC vs celts(which would still eat them anyway)

so if it reduced the bonus dmg, it would likely need to do something else as well to make it appealing. like all infantry +1/1 armour and reduce bonus damage.

the issue with buffing celt infantry is their siege is already monstrous, making certain maps really good for infantry siege.

whereas celts major weakness is actually to and against raiding, thus likely requiring a buff to their defensive potential through strongholds, and a buff to their raiding potential through woads


HealFortress, Have you considered creating a mod for all the changes you would like to make for your preferred play style? That sounds to me like the best opportunity for your ideas.


It would be interesting to do, though my experience in such is non existent atm, I’ll take a look at it.

Do you know anything about datamodding and stuff? Because if you learned, you could make every change you’ve ever wanted, and no-one else has to worry about how it might impact their gameplay experience.

I get where you’re going, but it’s also very insulting.

It’s not really intended to be insulting, so I apologize for that. I’m just saying, basically all of your ideas get shot down because they suit your playstyle, but don’t appeal to most other people. So if you made a datamod, you can have your Teuton TC range back, Crusader knights, buffed Stronghold, whatever you want. I’m just aware that if your ideas aren’t really selling well, it’s probably not a good gameplay change for the majority, but it might be great for you (and anyone else interested) to experience in a datamod, which can also help determine if it actually would be a good change or not.