Celts' Strongholds Tech Buff, among other ideas

Currently the effect is to give castles and towers +25% fire rate

I suggest it be changed to:

Castles and Town Centers +25% Fire Rate and +?/? Armor or require less garrisoned units to reach maximum fire-power/arrows

The current effect towards towers seems weird in my opinion.

Another option is to give them Bombard Towers to allow the Tower effect to be of use

Feel free to make further suggestions.

Just add TCs to castles and towers. The main reason why that UT is considered useless, is because celts lack bracer, and so that final +1 range on buildings.

TCs don’t suffer from that, and having a bit more attack output against late game hussar raids would make the UT more worth to grab.

If celts lack architecture maybe there is a reason…

Not how it works. Basically, to add an arrow, you need to have enough units until you reach the building attack or more.

Also, in mid castle age it would be quite useless, since towers aren’t that common anymore, and you don’t garrison archers in castle just to get more arrows.

Which would also lack that last +1 range, so they would suffer from the same problem of their castles.

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Do you want to try teutonic celt fortress?


One alternative would be “fire 1 extra arrow”, similar to tigui or yasama.

But I prefer to extend the effect to TCs. Or kust stright buff the fire rate.

However, do celts need a buff in closed maps?

Which wouldn’t be that original if there are already UTs doing that…

No, but that wouldn’t be that big of a buff… TCs that deals a bit more damage in late castle age isn’t that big of a deal, and probably the UT cost would be increased a bit too.

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11 in black forest/arena lategame.
Celts are the way they are with everything besides siege because their siege is the way it is.

Giving them more versatility would be a good thing

Except they don’t really need buffs


Celts need something different. Maybe like giving wood raiders’ s trowing axe. Like bulgarian uu