Censor in game chat please turn it off

we’re not 8 year olds. why can’t i call someone a p****, or ### ### ### or call someone r***ded.

why can’t i type Hitler like hello?

can u guys at least give an optiion to turn off the ######## i seriously can’t stand it.

Its there to exactly prevent you from calling people such things. Maybe perhibiting you from chatting at all would be better. Even the idea of asking such thing here is stupid enough.

Despite calling people bad things isn’t appropiate, you can still blamming people changing some letters, and the game usually censors normal words that doesn’t pretend to insult, making normal communication complicated.

I would like a toggle too, I’m not a kid and I don’t care to get insulted in a videogame, like it matters.

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I agree, we should have an option to remove the chat filter… but it needs to include an automatic chat banning system for people who break community guidelines. Regardless of age or maturity that kind of conduct is harmful, verbal abuse should just opt you out of social interactions in the future to limit the damage a person can inflict.